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Fraud is
a global problem

A proactive and cooperative approach is required in managing global fraud

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Rapid growth in telco fraud

The technology, media and telecommunications sector has experienced the largest increase in fraud activity.

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Increasing degrees of separation

Fraud outcomes and access methods are characterised by greater degrees of separation between fraudsters and their victims than ever before.

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Lack of a joined up approach

The lack of collaboration and fraud intelligence sharing between telcos, regulators and digital businesses is a major obstacle to the effective management of global fraud risk.

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Complex modes of fraudster access

The use of multiple and overlapping access methods and technology protocols by fraudsters has reduced the effectiveness of traditional methods of fraud detection and prevention.

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Critical reliance on telco networks

The reliance on telecommunications infrastructure to support customer transacting in the global economy has therefore never been greater.

A global approach is required

We bring industry leaders, experts, and innovators together to tackle the pressing challenge of fraud worldwide by leveraging expertise from all fields to compile a cutting-edge, trustworthy and consortium agnostic platform.

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Largest Consortium

The Consortium is a coming together of telcos and vendors, co-led by both Soramitsu and Orillion with a common interest in reducing fraud.

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The Fraud Data

Data relating to known or suspected fraudulent use of telco networks is securely shared by the members of the Consortium in real-time.

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The Fraud Intelligence Blockchain

The blockchain and analytics technology developed and licensed by the joint venture entity partners of Fraud Intelligence Limited.

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Fraud Intelligence Service

Fraud Intelligence Service is the service provided to members of the Consortium by Fraud Intelligence Limited.

Zero cost to join

Participate in the ecosystem by sharing your data with the consortium and get rewarded with tokens that you can spend to access reliable fraud intelligence shared by other members.

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Robust API

The Fraud Intelligence Blockchain offers a seamless HTTP API integration to access comprehensive fraud intelligence. Easily integrate our fraud prevention and detection capabilities into your systems and workflows.

For an enhanced developer experience, we provide a sandbox environment exclusively for onboarded users. Test your integration and improve customised implementation efficiency in this dedicated space.

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Valuable consortium participants

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Telecommunication Providers

Telecommunication service providers benefit from active contributions by their suppliers, ensuring enhanced fraud prevention and protection for their customers. By participating in our project, Telecommunications providers commit to maintaining a secure and trusted environment of shared value to help combat an issue that affects the bottom line of all companies within the industry.

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Vendors and Carriers

Vendors and carriers play a vital role in the Fraud Intelligence Blockchain Project. Through integrated services and active involvement, they provide credibility to telecommunications companies, enabling them to offer robust fraud prevention solutions, save resources dealing with the consequences of fraud and improve their customers' experiences.

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Regulators and Law Enforcement

Regulators and law enforcement agencies can derive immense value from our project by accessing a reliable source of fraud intelligence. This collaboration empowers them to make informed decisions and take appropriate action against fraudulent activities.

Made by seasoned professionals

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Orillion Solutions are committed to delivering products that solve industry problems by leveraging deep data insights and modern technology use.

Our focus on disruptive and innovative solutions allows us to protect and create real value for our customers, placing us at the forefront of risk management and operational assurance.

Our solutions empower our clients with advanced fraud insights and prevention capabilities, helping them mitigate the risks of financial loss and reputational damage.

Soramitsu logo

Soramitsu is an award-winning global financial technology company with expertise in developing blockchain-based solutions for digital asset and identity management. Our mission is to use blockchain to promote innovation and solve pressing societal challenges.

Soramitsu is the developer and major contributor to the open - source blockchain platform Hyperledger Iroha, tailored for enterprise and public- sector use.Hyperledger Iroha, a project of Hyperledger Foundation, part of the Linux Foundation, has a permissions system that is scalable and performant.

Iroha logo

Iroha is a modern, advanced distributed ledger (DLT). With simplicity, modularity, reliability, and code quality as its primary design principles, Iroha powers anything from Private blockchains in central banks, as well public blockchains for your NFT and cryptocurrency trading needs. Iroha is efficient, Byzantine-fault-tolerant, and flexible, with a WASM-powered smart contract engine and event-driven architecture. It was designed with cross-blockchain communication in mind, allowing fast and convenient transaction processing.

People behind Fraud Intelligence

Anthony Sani photo

Anthony Sani

CEO, Co-founder, Orillion

"The innovation behind our fraud intelligence blockchain lies in its ability to connect and aggregate data from diverse sources, offering Telcos, fraud vendors and other interested parties insights into emerging threats and patterns. With a real-time view of the ever-evolving landscape of fraud, Telcos can proactively implement strategies to protect their financial performance and customers."
Danie Maritz photo

Danie Maritz

CFO, Co-founder, Orillion

"A groundbreaking blockchain-based anti-fraud solution has emerged from the collective efforts of Soramitsu and Orillion Solutions. Designed to protect telecom customers from fraud, our platform is now poised to scale, marking a new era in industry security."
Andrew Wong photo

Andrew Wong

Acting CEO, Fraud Intelligence Limited

COO, Soramitsu

"We are honored to work with Orillion to fight telecoms fraud whilst illustrating the powerful uses and scalability of blockchain technology. We are excited to help build a more secure future for telecoms and the billions of people who trust and depend on their services."

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